Margaret! she/her,they/them 17 ,entj , female + demigirl , greek , autistic,virgo ♍

LOVE♡ art, cats, anime, cartoons, sanrio, music, vocaloid, videogames, girl groups, pinterest, spotify, hololive, cutecore aesthetic, cute things, editing etc.

HATE school, mean ppl, homophobic ppl , bullies , ppl who steal edits , stinky smells etc.

BEFORE YOU FOLLOW♡ im a minor i forgot to say lol sometimes im inactive bc of school or se if you want chat me my dms are open we can be friends if want ^^ sometimes i will do sm mistakes , i smash keyboard and i use sometimes the tone indicators i swear sometimes i will post and irl stuff soon? and sometimes i cant explain things also im not spoiler free, also i have anxiety forgot to mention TW (in my edits or somewhere else) blood, traumacore etc

DONT FOLLOW if you are here to steal edits or to copy ,racists, homophobic ppl, you know me from irl, nsfw or support pedos,toxic ppl or haters,xenephobic, sexulize minors, ableist etc.

SHOWS mlb, bnha, precure, aot, haikyuu, saiki, onegai my melody, nekopara, sanrio boys, dragon maid, himouto, love live, school babysitters, lucky star, k on , skate infinity etc ask lol
MUSIC chase atlantic, doja cat, ashinikko, yameii, random kpop girl groups, miku hatsune and other vocaloid, pastel palettes and other bandori bands etc
PP I LOVE♡ Chloe (mlb), Bakugou (bnha),Cleo (mnh), Miya (skinf), Riamu (idolc), Aya (bandori), Fluttershy (mlp), Diona (genimp), Rina(lovelive), Korone(hololive),Yuu(sb), Cure Peace(glitterforce) etc